2006 | 12 | 24
A new links section has been opened. From time to time we'll be adding some interesting and useful links there. If you  liked our site don't hesitate to write us and exchange links!
2006 | 10 | 27
Today at our site a guestbook has been launched. Now you can leave comments, write your opinions, feelings, reviews.
2006 | 08 | 15
The homepage of Leschenko brothers, Alexander and Vladimir, has opened.

Vladimir is a painter who is keen on mountains during all his life. Alexander is a scientist who has developed a new concept in the field of structural mechanics. Both brothers share their passion for mountains, travelling, mountaneering. On this site, you can find a picture gallery of Vladimir Leschenko works, review of Alexander Leschenko monographs, family photoalbum, and much more...

Leschenko brothers site: mountains, painting, science
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