"Leschenko-Science" LLC. offers a know-how in the field of designing and inspections of buildings and constructions.

"Leschenko-Science" LLC. has a laboratory for testing of constructions where three inventions in the field of structural mechanics were made during 1985-1995. On the basis of these inventions their author professor Alexander Leschenko has developed a new theory and a unique method in the field of structural mechanics which is intended for designing and inspection of high-rise buildings, constructions, mounted constructions, pipe and gas pipelines, oil tankages, tankers, planes, rockets, ships, dams, and other hydroengineering constructions.

The new system of calculations of any building construction differs from the traditional ones that it is based on the following inventions of the author:

These discoveries allowed us to have a fresh look at existing system of durability calculations, stability and dynamics of elastic systems of various thin-slab constructions and engineering structures built from them.

New techniques allow to find metalware weak places, prevent possible accidents, make technical expert examinations of projects in order to increase reliability and efficiency of constructions.

Due to adequacy of theoretical and design model it is possible to receive economy of metal up to 20%.

The new technique is introduced into practice while making calculations of oil tanks of "Rosneft" company. The technique was also used while designing and building multilevel garage in Konkovo district in Moscow in 1996. Affordability amounted to about 100,000 US dollars. A unique method of making calculations of metal bridges was developed and was introduced at construction of Berezhkovsky bridge in Moscow.

"Leschenko-Science" company can make inspections of buildings assuring high quality, competence and professionalism of conducted works.

The company has license G 081766 FLZ 005525-2 dated May, 15 1999, and patent decision for invention, application 9102184/03 (002393).

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