Date of birth
November 25, 1939.

Scientist in the field of structural mechanics, director of "Leschenko-Science" LLC.

Education, certificates, and degrees
Higher education, Candidate of Science (Engineering), Professor of Science.


  • Civil Engineering Draftsman Certificate G #260374
  • Civil Engineer Certificate #622644
  • Candidate of Science (Engineering) Diploma KIR #300107
  • Professor of Science Certificate DO #000103
  • Certificate DO #000008 for discovery: "Principle of force factors pairing"
  • Certificate DO #000006 for discovery: "Phenomena of separating torsional strains of elastic bars"
  • Certificate DO #000007 for discovery: "Specific analogy law in stability and oscillation of an elastic system"
  • Patent #2150098 dated 27.05.2000 on invention "Method of control of metal building structures stability loss"
  • Patent #542435 dated 21.09.1978 on invention "Failure-meter of pile driver"

Career, duties
1954-1958Student at the Rostov's Mining and Building Technical School
1958-1963Student of the building faculty at the Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute
1963-1965Line master at building of the Magnitogorsk's Metallurgical Industrial Complex
1966-1970Assistant at the chair of structural mechanics and strength/resistance of materials at the Novocherkassk's Polytechnic Institute
1970-1972Chief of building plot # 1 at the "Glavarhangelskstroy"
1973-1975Head of Kam's group of designing at the "Gidrospetzproekt"
1976-1977Preproduction department officer in the construction management office at the "Kalininskaya" APP
1977-1982Teacher of mathematics and basic professional subjects at the Udomlya's Middle Trade School
1983-1984Lecturer at Taganrog's Aircraft Technical Secondary School
1985-1990Civil engineer, supervisor of building
1990-1993Chairman of "Science" cooperative society
1993-1999Director of "Leschenko-Science" privately owned enterprise
1999-Director of "Leschenko-Science" LLC


  • "Structural analysis of thin-slab constructions", Moscow, Stroyizdat, 1989
  • "New principles in structural analysis of thin-slab constructions", Moscow, Stroyizdat, 1995
  • "Fundamental structural analysis of elastic systems", Taganrog, Sphinx, 2003

Interests, hobby
Science, discovering new, family, Russian classical poetry and prose. Yachting, mountaineering.

Other biographical information
During 1972-1973 was persecuted by opponents for scientific ideas and had to work in another profession.

Propose a project
Organize in Russia the Center of safety of building constructions on the basis of new scientific developments and practical results.

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